Certification in Time Line Therapy

Gives You A Set Of Techniques to Create Lasting Change, Fast.

When you’re attending our LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE training you receive training using advanced Time Line Therapy techniques.  Developed by Dr. Tad James, these techniques allow you to help others gain emotional balance and control.  Using these techniques, you can teach others to maintain and manage powerfully productive states.

Then you learn, and teach others, to manage and maintain emotional balance.   Which has been shown to improve performance and productivity. Using these techniques helps you identify and remove old negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs which cause you limiting thinking habits about your ability to achieve excellence. Register here


Skills You’ll Learn

  • Managers and Entrepreneurs use these skills to develop effective relationships, to foster positive interpersonal skills, and develop negotiation and problem solving solutions.
  • Salespeople learn to build resourceful levels of rapport, elicit and fulfill the criteria and values of clients, develop effective methods for handling buyers remorse or future objections and maintain mutually satisfying relationships.
  • Trainers and Educators develop paradigms for inspiring and engaging students while using these techniques to deal with the challenging learning environment.
  • Mental Health Professionals develop the skill to supplement communication, recognize and increase insights into helping clients and create changes that support optimal well- being.
  • Medical Professionals learn techniques to elicit information from clients, to help the client be more comfortable with and receptive to treatment, thus supporting them to achieve optimal health in a more responsive fashion.
  • Achieving Professional Excellence Whether youre already succeeding in your profession, having some difficulties, or if youre transitioning into a new position, Time Line Therapy techniques help you achieve, maintain and enhance excellence.

Is certification right for you?

Once youve completed both the training and required testing, you’ll be presented certification along with you’re training accreditation with the following associations.

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by the ABNLP)
  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner (Accredited by TLTA)
  • NLP Coaching Certificate (Accredited by NLBCA)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Accredited by ABH)

These certifications signify that you’ve competently demonstrated the skill required using the techniques you’ll learn to facilitate change when coaching, along with your commitment to promote excellence in the coaching industry. These certification are internationally recognized and indicate that you, as a professional coach, agree to adhere to the international standard as a practitioner in these respective fields. Time Line Therapy offers you a significant competitive edge in todays marketplace. An edge, that leaders in todays fast paced environment require. These skill when mastered and applied will supply you with the advantage needed in today ever changing marketplace. There are four key elements you will master during your training. You will:

  • Learn to identify limiting decisions and beliefs in yourself and others.
  • Understand why negative emotions hold people back from achieving peak performance.
  • Eliminate negative emotions and limiting decisions for yourself and others.
  • Increase outcome and goal utilization that allows you to achieve excellence.”

Other benefits that Time Line Therapy allows you to accomplish will be:

  • Enhance your skills to understand others concept of time
  • Develop new strategies to utilize your time effectively
  • Discover the connection between time and performance
  • Recognize and eliminate unwanted negative emotions quickly and effectively.
  • Destroy paralyzing negative and disempowering statements or beliefs
  • Prioritize tasks using Time Line Therapy to

The skills you will have learned allow you to work with clients, even with yourself, to remove these limitations, emotions and beliefs that create disfunction in your performance. You will learn to expand your awareness and notice the potential levels of success you can reach. Sign me up!