How do you find your food?

Become a lion with your customers

Like many of you, I find myself consumed with the same question we all ask ourselves, “Where am I going to get more customers”? Today is no different than any other day, in fact I find this question is the one question, that like you, I wake up every morning with this question staring me straight in the face. But today, being the day to change the way I have been thinking about clients, I am inspired to consider client acquisition different.

So if you where to consider the lion, we may have something to learn from the lion. Here is an amazingly efficient predator, one that spends the majority of its day laying around, relaxing and enjoying the shade. The lion relaxes as it listens for any approaching opportunity to fill its stomach. If you ever watch a lion in the grass you know, as lazy as they may appear, they are always aware of incoming opportunities. Eyes closed breathing slowly and appearing completely relaxed, except for the ears, always listening, listening for the approach of and incoming opportunity ready to pounce. When the pride gets together it is fun to watch them walk around each other, picking out the exact spot, the spot that they feel will present them with the right vantage point to pounce on their incoming opportunities. Once they are comfortable, thats when the ears begin to notice everything going on around them.

Most of us, are unaware of the lions perspective, we select our business opportunities in exactly the opposite way. Ridiculous, right? We go on withour day thinking about ideas and concepts that can increase performance, talking with others about our definition of success, excellence or some other aspect of our desires, that we rarely take time to construct a plan of attack. Worse yet, we never even consider the plan of attack and just continue to do what it is we do day in and day out. It’s time to call bullshit.

3 critical areas to identify when you choose the perfect environment

Define your perfect client

What is your perfect client? This is a simple yet complex question to consider when you adopt the perspective of the lion. You have to know what your ideal client is in order to begin. If you just go about chasing everyone as a possible client you begin to tire then you are exhausted. This means you have been chasing everything hoping, the pit fall for many businesses, to capture something, only to find that the only thing you capture is exhaustion. Which of course many of you are having this feeling in your business now. So take a moment and ask yourself, who is your ideal client? The client that you tell yourself is the one you are most passionate about working with. The one with whom you have the most in common. This client is the one that you put your sights on. You have to begin to keep a eye out for and to do this you have to develop a keen focus. This enables you to begin to take the steps that will assist you in the discovery process.

Discover the client need

We all have a need that must be satisfied, even your ideal client. Once you identify your clients compelling needs, the needs that move them to action, needs that they are motivated to fulfill you are almost there. This is the point where it makes sense to ask around, have conversations with other potential clients and really zero in on what other potential clients are saying is the need. This common need will be the most compelling, your client is ready to take action, you find your client motivated to work with you. Just fulfill there needs, no guessing is required, you just have to look for the solutions that will have your clients looking for you.

Locate areas the client goes to fulfill needs

You are kidding yourself, if you are continually looking to increase your client list or building on new concepts and ideas about how to build on your existing client list. If you don’t invest the time to evaluate the environment then you have missed the opportunity. You have to, become like a lion, identify where your prey goes to fill their needs, wants and desires. Learn to relax, be attentive and pounce on the opportunities as they present themselves.

Then the lion sees its chance. It prepares to stalk its prey, rested and ready. You see the lion has waited and placed himself in the right place for this opportunity. It is now that they lion is determined and prepares to pounce. The moment of victory awaits…he acts, pouncing on his opportunities.


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