Stop Blaming Your Circumstance, Conditions or Skills.

When You Know Your Stuck

You have the power and potential to live the lifestyle you desire.  And to be clear, it’s not something you deserve!

I know, I know, we all want to feel special.  We all want to feel that the universe owes us something.  That we should all get something for being here.  That it should be that simple.

But, the hard truth is the universe works different than that, doesn’t it?  It rewards action. Every action you take produces something.  Whether you like it or not, your always producing.

And it may surprise you to know you’re producing the stuck state your in.  Meaning you need to stop everything your doing so you can change direction.

Take a minute to asses the situation, the conditions, the circumstances.  Do your results match the effort your putting into your desires?  Are you on track to get what you want?  Are you solving or contributing to your problem?

I know what your about to say.  While you’re sitting here, reading this, and you’re telling yourself, “I deserve it, I work my a** off!”

I would agree with most of you.  You are working your a** off!  You’re in the grind.  You’re in the hustle.  Taking the same actions everyday hoping it will pay off.  Hoping to achieve your goals.  Hoping to start living the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.  Hoping to find happiness.  Hoping, hoping, and continually hoping…

And yet you’re not where you want to be.  You’re not living the life you want.  You see yourself working harder and harder, getting further and further away from what you really want. Am I right?

Why Are You Still Doing What Your Doing?

It’s like getting stuck in the mud.  Your sitting there in your car stuck in the mud.  Completely stuck.  Unable to move forward or backward. Your stuck and you’re not sure what to do.

Your first thought is punch the gas pedal.   The wheels start spinning.  You’re hoping the wheels will grab hold at any moment.  Where the car will start moving forward.  You begin to rock the car back and forth an inch at a time.  Sinking deeper and deeper as your tires pick up momentum.  You ask yourself “what am I going to do to get out of this mess?”  Here’s the problem.

I know you’re taking massive action.  Of course your focused on what you want.  And your actions are all aligned with your focus.  But your moving in the wrong direction.  And your remain stuck in the mud rocking back and forth.

Here’s What You Can Do.

It is only when you stop what your doing and take a close look at your options.  Options that help move you in the right direction.  And it’s what people realize is happening to them as they decide to hire a mentor, a consultant or to hire a coach.

So, if your feeling stuck or your moving in the wrong direction find a coach.  One who has the skills to inspire and empower you to take the right action.  To invest in yourself and the solutions to pull yourself out of the mud.  Stop wasting time spinning your wheels.

It’s time you get moving forward again.  Time to enjoy your life.  Time you achieve the lifestyle you desire.  This lifestyle requires determination. It requires discipline, it will require you take different action.  So, what are you waiting for…

Go find it!


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