Strength vs. Power

Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.-Lao Tzu

Which would you rather have Strength or Power?

Here’s a a great question for the day, given the choice, which one would you rather have strength or power? If it is up to you, and it is, which do you choose? I know what you’re thinking, is there a difference? Do both of these words define or describe the same thing? Well just sit back, have a sip of coffee and prepare your mind, this just might be the insight you’ve been looking for today.

This post is meant to bring you a quick insight into your personal daily habits or rituals. Basically to question how you choose to start your day? Let me ask you, do you start the day with an intention or do you just play it by ear and take what comes? Either way you choose a path of action or a path of reaction. So, which way do you choose? Does your choice require strength or do you embrace your power? Which word would you say describes your old habits or rituals? Have you ever asked yourself : What can I do different today than I did yesterday? Here’s an idea!

As I’m sitting in my chair on the porch enjoying the sun and having my morning coffee, yes I belong to the morning coffee club and I practice daily. I had a thought that I thought I would share with you. It was a thought about differences, specifically the difference between these two words, Strength vs. Power.

A strange thing to wonder, I know, but I am committed to learning strange new things on a daily basis. So, I thought this was the perfect time to expand your mind andlearn something new. What separates personal strength from personal power for you? Which word would you say best describes you and how you see the day going forward?

Let’s consider for a moment the difference that may make a difference for you.

What is strength? Strength is your ability to withstand pressure that is being applied to you. In other words using this word implies that you think that there is pressure or tension in some are of your life, that you have the strength to accept it. This idea reenforces in your mind that there are problems or situations that you must have strength to deal with. Who in their right mind would want or desire to develop greater strength? This would mean that you accept that there are problems or situations that you are not strong enough to overcome. That in some way I will have to endure. It really means that as I think about developing greater strength I must be considering myself as less than or weak. Hmmm, not sure what to think about this, Lets continue.

But what if, instead you where to focus on being more powerful?

So then, what about power? Power is defined as the ability to do or to act on a situation or opportunity. Power is your ability to do or to act. Wait a minute, so that means that if I decide on what I want and take action in any way, shape or form in the direction of that outcome I am powerful? Yes! It takes power to create. So, why not just access your power, you all ready have this power within you. Whether it be the power to overcome, the power to learn, or the power to act, the key here is to know that you have the power! Power is your driving force to achieve you vision or to declare your intention. Power is the force that you use it every time you are presented with opportunities to go get what you want, need or desire.

The choice is yours. So, which do you choose to be today?


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