The Secret Ingredient That Requires No Spy Gear

Problems Are Your Solution

Innovation is really easier than you might think.  It’s more about looking out for your clients needs, and less about focusing on the perceived competition.

The moment you realize this, that your clients are completely consumed by their problem, and they only want to see you if you can solve this problem for them.

You clients don’t want to hear about you and how cool you might think you are.  At the end of the day, they are only concerned about one thing, and one thing only, did they solve their problem for that day.

If the answer is yes, whew it will be a great night.  And, if the answer is no, then it is something all together different.  So, what if you where to begin each day by finding solutions to the problems that face your prospects?

What do you think these prospects are doing anyway, they are searching for solutions to the problems they use to blame others by screaming at their spouses, yelling at the kids and kicking the family pet.

If Your In Business For Yourself

Let’s face it, your prospects are looking to you for answers to these problems, and it’s up to you, if your willing to help them figure it out.

In fact, if you haven’t invested the time to solve the problem before they come to talk with you about it, then what good are you to them anyway?  That’s the cold hard truth!

You’re attractiveness to your prospect, meaning your ability to solve their problem, is the only reason they are willing to talk to you in the first place.  And your ability to solve problems will be the only reason they return in the future.

So, if the solutions you deliver solve their problems, and these solutions can be accomplished with the least cost to them, then you should see your customers on a more regularly basis.

You Have To Do This

And really isn’t this all a client wants from you, solutions?

So, once you request your copy of the “Secret Ingredient” worksheets, then fill them out for each solution you wish to provide, now go give those solutions to your clients.  Provide what your prospects really want, results.

If you know you can improve your solutions, and you know that having a simple tool to help market, advertise, sale and deliver these solutions, then you’re going to want to start right away.

So you can:

  • Provide Your Clients Solutions
  • Solve Their Problems Quickly
  • Make It Simple
  • Help Them Do It

And if you follow the steps I’ve laid out for you in this “Secret Ingredient” so you can become a powerhouse innovative force for your clients and they will begin to recognize you as the authority in your field.  All you have to do is take action!

Here’s How You Do It

The first thing for you to do is go here to request your copy of the “Secret Ingredient” worksheets.  There’s no obligation, just give me your name and an email to send it to.  Like I said, it’s FREE to you just for taking the time to read this post.

And, if you’re still here and have read to this point and your excited to do something different for your clients then, here is my gift to you, so you can become a results oriented powerhouse for your clients.


p.s. I will be giving away some other FREE stuff in the next few weeks (I’m in the middle of putting it together) and you’ll want to get it for yourself, so you can sign up here to get on my “Early Bird” list and you get the “Secret Ingredient” for FREE.


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